My first sound library is available for licensing. "Urban Russia" offers 5 hours of audio material recorded in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

All recordings are 44100 kHz, 24-bit stereo files which were selected from my personal collection.


I released my music composed for the visual novel titled "Everlasting Summer" by Soviet Games. 40 music pieces in various genres, influenced by scores and sountracks of soviet and japanese animation.

You can preview and download it for free at BandCamp. Donations are encouraged.


I uploaded a music piece in fantasy soundtrack style, it's called "Nobody's Secret".

You can preview and buy it at BandCamp.


Hi. I plan to start working on my next album in late spring or summer. Until then, I have to dedicate most of my time to my studies and job.

Also, I've added a rough list of games which make use of my music. If interested, you can check it here.


Hello, I started a new website. It's pretty simple, just for music and essential information. Now you can get most of my works in various formats with help of BandCamp.

Today I offer you some melodic electronic music for listening. Check my first EP album "Pure" - I hope it's worth downloading.